Personal Training

One on one personalized training with workouts designed to help you reach your goals, accommodate limitations, and keep fitness fun and exciting.

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Group Exercise

Workout with a group of friends ranging from boot camps, circuit training, to even INSANITY

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Personalized Workouts

In need of a program to help you lose weight, train for a mud race, or help you prepare for a physical fitness test?  Customized programs available regardless if you have a gym membership, limited exercise equipment, or nothing at all!

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Are you ready to embark on your fitness journey toward a healthier, happier you?  Are you looking to become an elite athlete or are new to exercise?  No matter your fitness level or goal, Built to Go Fitness is here for you!

Having your own personal trainer will help motivate, educate, and support you in your travels toward a healthy lifestyle.  James is dedicated to improving your fitness through a prescription of proper diet and exercise.  He has trained the gambit of clients ranging from high school athletes to senior citizens.  Get ready to put the "fun" in functional fitness.

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